7 Reasons To Book A Holiday To Sydney Right Now

Planning a trip to Sydney can be exciting but overwhelming with all the available options for entertainment, nightlife and activities. Travel websites that cater for flight and accommodation packages such as Webjet, Expedia and Sydney Flights Accommodation. have everything that you need to plan the holiday of a lifetime in Sydney, Australia. If you are struggling to narrow down those options, we recommend the top 7 things to see on your visit to Sydney.


  1. Sydney Harbour

For many visitors, Sydney Harbour is the first thing they will see as they arrive in this world-class city. This harbour is rich in natural beauty but is also the home of some of Sydney’s most iconic structures, including the World Heritage-listed Sydney Opera House, which is a must-stop for both visitors and residents of Sydney. The Sydney Harbour Bridge is another must-do, with a climb that gives you an opportunity to stretch your legs and appreciate the skyline of the city in a whole new way.

  1. Bondi Beach

Sydney is known for its delightful beaches, and Bondi Beach may just be its best-known beach. Located near the suburbs east of Sydney, Bondi Beach has clean water, silky sand, a lively surf culture during the day and a fun party atmosphere at night. Spend an afternoon shopping in its markets, enjoying a coastal walk or diving into your first of many surfing lessons.

Sydney is known for its delightful beaches

  1. Royal Botanic Gardens

While known for its extensive flora, the Royal Botanical Gardens are conveniently located near the CBD and offer an unparalleled view of the harbour’s most popular landmarks. You can easily while away an entire morning or afternoon strolling through the gardens, which feature local and exotic plants as well as cockatoos, flying foxes and other wildlife. The garden stretches over 30 hectares and is divided into distinct displays, including roses, palms and seasonal displays.

  1. Blue Mountains

The Blue Mountains are not strictly in Sydney, but they are just a short drive away and offer a true escape from the hubbub of the city. The mountains are so named for the hazy blue reflection from its trees and are known for a rich contrast of colours and textures. Ancient rock formations dot the landscape, and Dreamtime legends continue to be told about these formations to this day. Along with hiking, there are plenty of activities that allow you to stretch your legs and your imagination.

  1. Queen Victoria Building

You may not have come to Sydney to shop, but shopping is one of Sydney’s most popular pastimes. When you have finished exploring the diverse street markets in the suburbs and the city itself, take a day to visit the historic Queen Victoria Building. This building has unique architectural features that include stunning stained-glass windows, a stately grand staircase and intricate details that make the building a delight for the eyes even if you are simply window shopping.

  1. The Rocks

The Rocks may be considered the birthplace of modern Sydney and has been occupied in some degree for thousands of years. No longer a shady hideout for convicts, The Rocks is culturally and historically significant as well as a vibrant shopping district with a mood all its own. Visit on the weekends and take advantage of the Weekend Markets’ hundreds of stalls, or visit The Rocks Discovery Museum, the Museum of Contemporary Art or the Argyle Gallery. Guided tours of The Rocks are available.

  1. Sydney Tower

Sydney Tower can be a great way to spend the evening. It may be one of the only places that you can enjoy a 360-degree view of this beautiful city. Visit during the day and take advantage of the free binoculars to check out points of interest, or visit at night for a memorable dinner in its revolving rooftop restaurant.